10/10 :  Brand new, never been used. Spankers.

9/10  : Used once, in very good condition

8/10 : Gently used, may have some signs of wear, in very good condition

7/10 :  Signs of wear, in good condition.


It's the frocks that HYF rejects that makes us the best. We simply do not accept any item rated under a 7/10.



SPANKERS:  Brand new.

SPANKALOONI IN THE BOXEROONI: Brand new in the box, never worn

THE WHOLE SHEBANG: The whole shebang means EVERYTHING. For example, a bag comes with tags, with dust-bag, in the box, with a copy of the original receipt.

WTF: What The Frock!

FFS: For Frocks Sake!

FSF: Fashion Savvy Frocker. Please be one of these!

LFF: Little Footed Frockers ( Sz 35 & 36 )

BFF: Big Footed Frockers ( Sz 41 & 42 )

LYF: Love You Frockies